Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

Looking for best pillow for side sleepers? – What should you know

Side sleepers always find it hard to choose the best pillow for side sleepers that matches their sleeping posture. Every pillow in the market may look alike but this is definitely not true. Everyone needs to buy the pillow that matches well with their sleeping posture or habits and this holds true for side sleepers too.

In addition to the fact that body shape and comfort preference varies for every person, it is clearly evident that choosing the best pillow for side sleepers is equally important as choosing the best mattress. Click here to find the comparison between the best pillow for side sleepers.

Characteristics of best pillow for side sleepers

The sole purpose of every pillow in the market is to support your neck and head while you sleep.

best pillow for side sleepers neck

best pillow for side sleepers neck alignment

A perfect pillow positions your head and neck in proper alignment with your entire body to relieve any pressure or pain on your spine and back.People who sleep on side need to select the pillow that gives adequate support by aligning the neck,head and spine in line with the lower body and this helps in  distributing the body weight evenly. Most side sleepers tend to choose pillow made specially for orthopedic conditions due to its high thickness and a cavity like shape that supports the head more comfortably. These are the two primary factors to look for while browsing the market for the right  side sleeper pillow. Almost every orthopedic pillow comes with these features and shapes to the pressure that is applied on it. Hence it is very vital to reseach carefully before you purchase. Cheaper pillows can flatten out easily due to low build quality and result in neck pain every morning. Side sleepers suffering from Sleep Apnea can look for some cpap pillows for some relief.

Best pillows suitable for side sleepers

Thick or Thin pillows for side sleepers

In the course of your research you may find pillows with several different materials ,firmness and usability. Unless you research carefully you may easily end up spending hundreds of dollars before you find the right side sleeping pillow of your choice. People preferring to sleep on side should understand that various types of material exhibit various effects when addressing neck stiffness and cervical issues. In fact, this is so true that the Journal of Pain Research published a study back in 2010 on this very subject. They experimented with pillows made from latex, polyester, feathers, typical foam, and contour foam. In the end, the winners for side sleepers were the foam pillows. They could find no differences between the regular and contour foam as it pertained to comfort. They did however say that when using pillows made with foam, no matter what type, you should carefully inspect the pillow for wear and tear. Any pillow should be replaced when you see wear or tear because once it becomes damaged it may not provide you with the comfort and support you need.

Comfort and Other  Factors For Considerations

When searching for the best pillow for side sleepers, comfort will likely be the top issue on your pillow priority list. Our pillows are at the core of our sleeping experience. If they are not comfortable, not only will it cause back and neck pain and/or stiffness, we will also lose sleep. Sleep is one of the most important things in our lives. Without it we cannot properly function throughout the day and this causes all sorts of ramifications. All of these negative outcomes can be avoided by finding the right pillow for side sleepers like you. Keeping this in mind, remember when you make your choice that you may be in need of more support aside from what is needed for your neck and your head. Side sleeping can also cause discomfort and pain in your hips, knees and other parts of your body. For this reason you may need to get different pillows for the rest of your body.

For instance, many side sleepers place a smaller pillow between their knees. By doing this you can help

Tips to use pillows for side and back sleepers

Tips for side and back sleepers

prevent pain in the lower back and hips. The reason is that it keeps your spine in a more neutral position, and this advice comes from a licensed chiropractor. The same professional also advises that if you use a pillow between your knees that it should be softer than the one you would use to sleep on. If you find that you do need pillows placed in other areas of your body in order to sleep well on your side, try using a full body pillow. This will help support your entire body without having to use many little pillows which can become an annoyance.

Once you find the perfect side sleeping pillow, tailor it to further fit your comfort needs. Some people are most comfortable sleeping on a warm pillow. If this is the case then you should use a pillow case that is made of flannel. Others enjoy the feeling of a colder pillow. If this is the case you should go with a pillow case made of either satin, silk or cotton. Another important thing to consider is if you suffer from allergies. If you do then there are many contour pillows perfect for side sleepers that are hypoallergenic.Click here to find the reviews of side sleeper pillows



In the end you, as a side sleeper, will have to make the choice that fits your sleeping habits best. Not every pillow will work for every side sleeper. The main things to remember are to go with a pillow made with foam for the best in weight distribution and to figure out if you need extra pillow support for other areas of your body. The main thing is, is to do your research and find out what is working well for other side sleepers. Once you find something that works well for you than stick with it! Your sleep is too important to compromise and a good pillow will make your night time hours much more pleasurable!