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How To Fix a Too Soft Or Too Firm Mattress?

Create a Firmer Mattress

If your current top-rated mattress is excessively soft, there are a few methods to firm it up. However, bear in mind that if your bed has lost its supporting quality and is causing you discomfort, these techniques may not provide much comfort.

1. Conduct a Foundation Check

A mattress that is not adequately supported may slump. Ascertain that your box spring or foundation continues to provide sturdy, sturdy support. Additionally, check the condition of your steel frame (kings and queens frequently require center bars/feet for appropriate stability). If you're using slats, check to make sure they're not drooping or damaged and are spaced no more than three inches apart. If your foundation is in poor condition, replacing it can significantly enhance stiffness.

Furthermore, you may add massive wood or particleboard sheets between the mattress and the jacket to offer a more robust surface, or you might choose a mattress platform bed on a solid wood base. If just one spouse has a softness problem, only one-half of the bed can be used with the board approach.

2. Finish with a Firm Top

While mattress surfaces are usually meant to soften, materials such as firm Dunlop latex or compact wool might improve somewhat stiffness or offer additional support. But avoid softer fibers and foams.

3. Substitute Layers

Suppose your mattress features a zip-off cover, a detachable topper, or replaceable layers. In that case, you may be able to replace severely compressed or worn-out layers with new, more supporting layers. Professional upholsterers may also be able to change and resew layers. However, glued-together mattresses are unlikely to be swappable (and your warranty would likely be voided).

4. Regularly Rotate Your Mattress

If you haven't done so recently, attempt 180-degree mattress rotation. This should be done periodically when purchasing a new bed, as it will encourage more even wear. Additionally, if your bed is flippable, this is an option.

5. Verify Your Warranties

If the manufacturer's guarantee still covers your mattress, you may be eligible for repairs or a replacement. While most warranties exclude minor softening with time, the majority do cover deep imprints or flaws.

Enhance the Softness of a Mattress

As softening a mattress is typically easier than firming one, you're in luck.

1. Utilize a Mattress Protector

Several mattress toppers are available that may be used to shape or relieve pressure points on the surface of a too-hard mattress. This is by far the simplest method of adjusting a substantial mattress.

Memory foam and latex are preferable in relief from discomfort and durability, but very popular are wool, cotton, plumes, and polyfoam toppers.

Toppers made of memory foam, particularly those that are less than 2" thick and have a lower foam density

2. Dismantle Your Mattress

If the issue is that your new bed seems too firm, you may need to focus on breaking it in. Walking over the bed's surface for several minutes each day, sleeping on the bed, and rotating it frequently can assist.

3. Switch Up Your Mattress

If your bed seems overly soft in the area where you regularly sleep, rotate it or flip it if it is a two-sided mattress. As with excessively soft bedding, this encourages even wear and may help your bed remain more comfortable for longer.

4. Reheat it

If you sleep on a temperature-sensitive memory foam mattress, you may experience excessive stiffness due to a too chilly environment. A moderately heated mattress pad or a slightly warmer ambient temperature may assist in somewhat softening the surface.

These tips and tactics might help you extend the life of your bed or increase its comfort. However, if your bed is actually in poor condition (broken springs, several-inch-deep imprints, severe sagging), even changes may not be sufficient. Bear in mind that the typical mattress is meant to last around 8-10 years. For mattresses that go beyond toppers and modifications, see our guides on getting the most excellent mattress and improving your mattress purchasing experience.