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How to know which is the best mattress for a newborn

Newborn babies generally need 16-18 hours of sleep in a day. This can tell the importance of choosing the right mattress for the baby. Finding the mattress that provides maximum comfort to your baby can be a worrisome and tough job.

The common misconception among new parents is that they believe that their newborn needs a softer mattress to sleep. These parents are ignorant of the fact that softer mattresses can cause a lot of health and posture conditions to the baby’s body. Researchers usually suggest a hard and stiffer bed for the baby’s crib. You need a mattress that doesn’t mold into your baby’s shape and prevent him from sinking. Follow these guide and reviews to determine which is best for you.

Few things to consider before buying a newborn’s mattress:

  • Mattress Quality
  • Perfect fit for the crib
  • Mattress material
  • Mattress breathability

Mattress Quality

While finding the perfect mattress for your baby, don’t skimp and go for cheaper options as your baby will spend most of his time on this mattress. The most expensive newborn mattresses are made up of organic cotton that is the best for the baby’s skin. Apart from that, mattresses that are denser and heavier is weight is the best. To check the density of a mattress, you just need to put your hand onto it, to see if it sinks.

Choose a mattress with anti-microbial properties, they prevent babies from getting allergies. Mattresses with more layers are more comfortable to sleep on. Layers often determine the quality of a mattress. Not only the mattress but the mattress cover should also be waterproof and should consist of organic material to prevent the baby from skin rash. Newborns are highly affected by temperature. If you choose a bed that is not breathable enough, he might sweat and find it difficult to sleep.  

Perfect fit for the crib

Baby mattresses come in all kinds of sizes. People usually buy mattresses that are used for years. Getting a mattress that does not completely fit in the crib can make the baby uncomfortable and he might get stuck while sleeping. To avoid these problems you need to know the size of your crib before buying the mattress.  

There is no harm in trying out different mattresses and see what fits best. The gaps around the edges should be around 3cm and not more so, you can tuck in your baby easily. A perfect baby mattress is around 8 to 10 centimeters deep.

Mattress material

The two popular material options that are usually preferred by parents are foam and coil sprung.

The foam material is usually made up of polyurethane that provides support to the baby’s body while he sleeps. They are relatively cheap and light weighted mattresses which poly-vinyl chloride covering that makes cleaning easier.

The other option is coil sprung foam. These are the most popular baby foams that have layers of felt paddings and foams. They are usually comfortable to lie on and provides maximum support to the baby’s body.